Warranties for New vs. Old Homes

Warranties for New vs. Old Homes

Whether you’re a first-time buyer looking at a fixer-upper, or a multiple home-owner considering a brand new property, there are benefits to having a home warranty. Of course, if your home is older and there are more things to repair, then generally speaking, you’ll get more out of a home warranty. But there are many different types and categories of warranties to cater to homeowners across the spectrum. So, here are some differences between and advantages of warranties for new vs. old homes.

Warranties for New Homes

When you’re working with a new home, nobody has been living in it long enough to wear anything out. Therefore, we’re primarily concerned about defects rather than breakdowns. There are several ways this can come to life, but the most common way is called a builder’s warranty.

The general idea is that a builder’s warranty will cover the big stuff. That’s major structural elements. Windows, doors, drywall, etc. Their scope and duration vary somewhat. With some warranties covering smaller elements for just six months. Most roof warranties approach 10 years.

Warranties for Older Homes

Once your home ages from newer home to an older home, there are a lot more factors to consider when you’re looking for a home warranty. Three of the biggest are: its age, its sophistication, and the climate/location that it’s in.

Is your home located in a storm-prone area with multiple seasons? Does it stand through both high heat and freezing temperatures? Maybe it includes upscale features which offer convenience but cause risk factors for malfunction. Many of the homes we find most charming and full of character are older properties that can fall victim to simply wearing down over time.

Which Warranty is Right for Me and My Home?

This decision is pretty easy for some of you and can get a little more complicated for the rest. If you’re a new homeowner, you should talk to your builder about the builder’s warranty they offer. Most do, but it’s important for you to hash out the details of what is actually covered (and for how long). If your home is less-than-new, then you’ve got some things to consider.

This is where Hello Covered can really help you. Whichever way you go — whatever protection you need — Hello Covered has a home protection plan that can fit your needs perfectly. We craft custom plans that cover it all when basic home coverages and warranties miss the mark or leave things out of the deal. Contact us and one of our agents will walk you through step-by-step to find the warranty that fits your life and protects what you care about most.

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