Have you thought about an exit strategy for your agency?

Let us help you get the most for your book!

ZYYAH, our parent company is a PropTech and InsurTech startup and we are looking for agents that align with our growth trajectory and our business model.

We are offering a lucrative baseline of 5X Revenues from commissions for your book of business if you choose to partner with us. Our high-integrity business model and unique go-to-market strategy allow our partner agents to get the most for the agency that you have worked so hard to build.

We have created exclusive partnerships with nationally branded mortgage and real estate companies to ensure our success and yours with their high-quality, exclusive leads.

Features and Benefits of partnering with ZYYAH & Hello Covered:

  • Instant lead source for you and our other partner agencies will allow you to grow your business at a manageable rate.  
  • Receive high-quality EXCLUSIVE leads with NO REFERRAL FEES.
  • Our internal technology strategies will increase team efficiency that could help you maximize profitability and grow even more
  • Pooling of premium for additional compensation, new business overrides, and profit sharing
  • Opportunity for the acquisition of books that we source and find for you

Here are some of the most common questions from our current partners:

Q: How can you offer me a baseline of 5X revenues from commissions without ever seeing my financials?

A: ZYYAH, our parent company, is a tech company that owns an insurance agency. We are allowing our associated partner agents to tap into our tech multiple upon liquidation.

Q: If I choose to partner with you, what will change about my current day-to-day operations?

A: Absolutely Nothing! You keep your operation running as you see fit!

Q: Is this an Aggregator Model? And do you take commissions from me?

A: No, this is an association, we do NOT do any commission splits. You keep your bank account and manage your agency 100%. You get the perks of the association with NO FEE FROM YOU.

Stay Updated. Stay Hello Covered.

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