Home Warranties Explained for New Homeowners

You’ve finally realized the American dream. But nobody ever told you what a home warranty was for. We got you covered. A home warranty is actually a super simple way to protect your home. If you’re a new homeowner, you’re probably used to having a landlord from renting. A number you call when the dishwasher stops working or the pipes back up. That’s basically what a home warranty is. A number to call when things break down. There’s a few things to consider, though, before you buy yours.

For New Homes

If you’re building a home, or buying a brand new one, there’s a good chance that a home warranty is, or could be, included as part of the transaction. This home warranty is sometimes referred to as a builder’s warranty. It’s basically a guarantee from the builder that their work will last a reasonable length of time. However, it doesn’t always cover everything. For instance, new electronics would not be covered under a building warranty, you would need an additional home policy for those sorts of things.

For Lived-In Properties

Previously lived in properties are where home warranties make the most sense. The first step to choosing the right one for your lifestyle and property is to assess what it is you’re trying to protect! Is there an HVAC system? Pools or saunas? What in the kitchen do you need to protect from breakdowns? With a thorough inventory of your new home, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on the size and scope of your home warranty.

If you’ve done an inspection of your home and you’ve considered a few warranties, but you still have questions, you can always reach out to the Hello Covered staff. Our team of qualified professionals can walk you through your options in simple, easy-to-understand terms to help you find the policy that fits you and your home.

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