Home Warranty vs Home Insurance: Here’s What You Need to Know

Home Warranty vs. Home Insurance

Home warranties and home insurance both offer protection for your home, but they offer different types of protection for different parts of your home. This is why many Hello Covered customers use a combination of both types of policies to create a custom protection plan that helps them live at ease.

What is Home Insurance?

Home insurance is one of the most frequented forms of home protection. If you have a mortgage, you’re required to have it. So, most people do! It can vary significantly depending on the policy, but the general idea is that home insurance protects you from events such as fires, theft, earthquakes, and storms. But these aren’t the only threats against your home. That’s where home warranties come in.

What is a Home Warranty?

Home warranties are different from home insurance. They protect the appliances and systems in your home during breakdowns and malfunctions. Another way to think about it is that it protects your budget. Fridge shortage? Your warranty can cover the cost of a repair. Is your HVAC system no longer working? The right home warranty will take care of finding the right repair person and getting them onsite fast.

While home insurance protects you from things you can’t predict; home warranties protect you from stuff you know will happen… you just aren’t sure when.

How Home Warranties and Insurance Work Together

It’s pretty simple, actually. Home warranties protect you from things you know will happen eventually. Home insurance protects you from things that you might not expect to happen. With home warranties and home insurance combined, you can be assured that your home, and home life, are fully protected from the known and unknown.


You’re a first-time homeowner, and you’re looking for ways to save money and keep your head above water. Your insurance company discovers a flickering light in your outdoor patio during their inspection. They determine that it’s due to faulty wiring, but since no accidents have taken place, they won’t pay for it. Lucky for you, you read this article ahead of time, and purchased a customized home warranty plan that has you covered. Since it’s basically a service contract specifically for repairs, you call Hello Covered, and they send out a technician to repair your wiring, and all you have to pay is a nominal service fee. Your home warranty company signs off, and you get to go back to relaxing at home.

What You Need to Protect Your Home

Most modern homeowners would be best served by a combination of home insurance and home warranties. But the way people build their protection plan is as unique as the homes they live in. If you have a lot of expensive appliances — maybe a new flatscreen TV — that need protection, you can lean more on warranties. But homes in risk-prone areas where storms or natural disasters are more frequent would largely benefit from increased home insurance protection. Assess your home and home appliances, and then build a custom plan to bundle at Hello Covered to keep you covered to the max!

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