Do I Really Need Renters Insurance?

Renters insurance is one of those things you likely never think about until you need it. If you’re currently renting an apartment, a home, or even a bedroom inside of a family member’s guest house, you may want to consider renters insurance. While most residential properties require residents to obtain renters insurance before handing over the keys, there are many instances where it gets swept under the rug and forgotten until an issue arises. If you’ve never considered renters insurance or have been questioning if you really need it, here are a few reasons why you absolutely should have renters insurance protecting you at all times.

Get help with property or personal item damages

Let’s face it, things happen like sewer backups or pipe damage that can cause damage to a residence you don’t own or your personal belongings. With renters insurance, the damages are covered so you don’t have to worry about fixing the property or replacing damaged items out of pocket. Having the right insurance coverage can not only save you time and money, but also save you the liability of having to restore unexpected damages to your living space.

Rebound from theft

Theft is scary and having your residence burglarized can cause enough stress alone. If your residence is broken into and your personal items are stolen, renters insurance helps to replace the valuables you’ve lost more easily. Burglaries and theft can also leave your residence turned up-side-down, with broken furniture or damaged windows and door handles. With renters insurance, a professional agent can help walk you through the process of filing all your damages so your claim covers all your losses and you’re able to restore as much as possible.

Have protection in the event of an accident

It’s easy to make small damages as you go about your daily routine. Things like handle replacements or doors accidentally rotating off the hinges are usually covered by maintenance or your landlord. In the case of accidents where property damage is done and you don’t have anyone to assist with repairs, renters insurance may cover getting your fixtures or features back in order.

Protect yourself from personal injury liabilities

A slip and fall in your driveway, a fall down an uneven step, or a guest stepping over a rusty nail can become a huge issue if it happens at your residence. Though things happen, it’s comforting to know that if someone experiences a personal injury at your home, renters insurance can cover it. In lieu of medical insurance or when you need additional coverage to help take care of personal injury claims that have transpired at your residence; it’s good to have renters insurance to process the incident and provide all parties with proper solutions.

If you’re considering renters insurance, look no further than the team here at Hello Covered. We help you find the perfect plan with the perfect provider through an easy-to-follow process. Get started with us today and explore the wide variety of insurance plans and providers we work with to provide you top-tier solutions. Schedule a call from our team!

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