With Hello Covered, you’ll become your client’s champion!

Building lasting relationships is at the root of all real estate transactions.

That’s why we developed our partnership program around empowering you to better serve your clients.

Why Real Estate Agents Partner With Us

As a Hello Covered partner, your ability to guide your clients through the process of picking a home warranty and insurance plan will not only strengthen your relationship but also increase your offerings and expertise.

  • Easily deliver one-stop solutions for home coverage and protection, including access to a wide array of national and specialist insurance carriers that serve your clients
  • Listings with preferred home warranties and insurance have been shown to close 16% faster!
  • Enrich your client relationships when you further establish yourself as a trusted advisor
  • Acquire client leads from Hello Covered and its partner brand ZYYAH to grow your business faster
  • As a ZYYAH company, Hello Covered is able to offer your clients a safe and secure place to store and access all of their most important documents, keep the most up-to-date inventory of their home, and stay on top of every aspect of home management

Show your clients you truly care by providing top-tier coverage options during the buying process.

What We Deliver

Becoming a Hello Covered partner means you value strong relationships and have a desire to expand your business in a way that leaves a lasting imprint on your customers. With Hello Covered, you’ll have the tools you need to drive new business, strengthen current client relationships, and offer trusted services that competitors cannot compete with.

Trusted Support

When you become a Hello Covered partner we ensure you will have the resources and support you need to talk to your clients about coverage confidently, establish yourself as an expert, and boost your bottom line.

Improved Client Care

With Hello Covered and ZYYAH, you’re able to offer your clients comprehensive care at every step of the transaction and help them unlock some of the secrets to homeownership that even your repeat customers may not know. Our goal is to empower you to offer service that leads to faster closings, repeat customers, and increased referrals.

Set it & forget it
Easy Procurement

You don’t have to look in several places to solidify home warranties and insurance plans for your clientele; you can find it all in one place with Hello Covered. Your clients will also enjoy the ease and peace of mind that comes with choosing coverage through a ZYYAH company, and having all of their important documents and home inventory securely stored and easily accessible in the ZYYAH App.

Unmatched Value

With access to nationwide providers who offer premier insurance plans, you’ll be able to provide your clients coverage options they can’t discover on their own. Helping them protect what is often the most important transaction of their life.

Become a Hello Covered Partner

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