When to Re-Evaluate Your Coverage

One of the hardest parts of owning and protecting your home is answering your own question of: “Um, am I doing this right?” We can’t answer every question for homeowners here, but we’re going to answer a big one: when should you re-evaluate your home warranty coverage? The short answer: it’s not just a one-and-done thing! As your life (and possessions) shift and change over time, so should your home warranty. Here are a few instances where such a re-evaluation might be necessary.

Major Life Events

When big changes happen, it’s always a good idea to take a step back and assess the new landscape. If you move, if you get married, or anything that changes the fundamental pieces of how you live happen — it should trigger a re-evaluation of your coverage. You don’t want to be over- (or under-) covered if the unexpected strikes.

Decade Milestones

If nothing else pops up, just to keep your ducks in a row, we recommend re-assessing your needs once every ten years of homeownership; starting with when you make your first purchase. You can attach this decade-long-to-do to other tasks to make sure you check all your boxes off. On years that end in a zero, you can reliably refinish the exterior of your house, have your roof inspected, and consider replacing or repairing appliances or rooms that are high wear. Think the bathroom, the water heater, or the HVAC system.

Major Purchases or Improvements

Got a new TV? Maybe a whole new TV room? Big upgrades demand a new view of your valuables. When you upgrade your home (or the things in it), it can change what you need to cover with a home warranty. This is especially true if you are undergoing major renovations. Adding a bathroom? You can use a home inventory system to quickly take stock of your new space and find out what needs to be protected within it. It only takes a few minutes.

If there’s ever a question, you can always try one last thing. It’s super easy, takes only a few minutes, and we guarantee you’ll have an accurate view of what you need, and what to do about it. Contact our team at Hello Covered! You can call, chat, or email us, and our talented, attentive team can walk you through getting the exact coverage you need.

Stay Updated. Stay Hello Covered.

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