Why Do I Need Home Insurance?

Let’s face it, home hiccups are inevitable. It’s better to be covered and prepared ahead of time instead of waiting for things to fall apart (literally). With home insurance, you’re protecting more than your home; you’re protecting your peace of mind. No matter where you live, if you own a home, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll run into problems that will need repair or attention throughout your lifetime.

Protecting More Than Home

With a home insurance plan, you’re not just protecting your home. You’re protecting the structure, dwellings, and personal property that may not be backed by home warranties, and other liabilities that may arise. If your deck or shed is destroyed due to a natural disaster, you may find some relief knowing that it’s covered, along with your home, inside of a great insurance plan.

Here at Hello Covered, we also offer the opportunity to add additional insurance plans to your home insurance. So, when you’re reaching out for a quote, consider opting into pet insurance, life insurance, or auto insurance, allowing you to bundle it all together so that the things that matter most to you are fully covered!

Save Time & Money

No one wants to spend time worrying about digging through their home insurance policy when the roof is caving in. Picking a great home insurance plan can save you from worrying about the future or the present when you’re in the thick of a claim. Our set-it-and-forget it motto allows you to pick the plan that fits your needs, and we assure you that when the time comes, we’ll be there to help. You simply call us up, make a claim, and we’ll send help to assess and take care of the problem. With home insurance in place, you’re prepared to handle big challenges without having to pay for every last detail out of pocket.

Meet Requirements

Many agents and lenders require proof of home insurance before closing the deal. In many cases, if you don’t provide proof of home insurance your mortgage lender can choose to charge you for their respective insurance and may stack on a hefty fee. It’s wise to have all your bases covered. With home insurance from Hello Covered, we make sure you’re protected to the max.

For real estate agents, you can build trust and deeper relationships with your clients by having their best interests in mind by looking at the bigger picture and guiding your clients to towards the right plans. Ask us about how you can bundle our home insurance plans into your client deals to enrich relationships, close faster and drive client satisfaction.

Stay Updated. Stay Hello Covered.

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