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Offer your employees peace of mind with Home and Auto Benefits

Why partner with us?

With Hello Covered and ZYYAH, you could offer a unique employee benefit of home ownership financial wellness and peace of mind.

Why should I offer my employees home and auto benefits?

•Gives you a competitive edge when recruiting and retaining employees

•Enhance your employees home life balance 

•Improve your employee’s financial wellness surrounding their home

•Shows your employees you are invested in their wellbeing and financial health

•No cost associated with the PEO, the employer or the employee

Hello Covered allows you to leverage home and auto insurance and warranty protection by adding our home health check-up to your benefits package. This unique offering gives you the competitive edge in a market where benefit packages are growing far beyond healthcare.

Home and auto protection guarantees your employees focus less on the worries of maintaining their home, and more on getting the job done. When an employee is financially secure it can lead to increased productivity, improved employee retention rates, reduced absenteeism, and decreased turnover costs—all of which help increase profits for the PEO.

Offer your employees home and auto insurance as a bundle to help them get the best price and best coverage for their needs. This not only builds loyalty with employees but also creates a downline revenue stream for the PEO: because these products are necessary anyway, why not monetize them?

Are you thinking about offering our home and auto health check-ups as a unique employee benefit?

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