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5 Reasons You Should Switch Your Homeowners Insurance

If you had a property catastrophe tomorrow, would you be prepared?

According to a ValuePenguin survey 47% of homeowners are unsure of what their insurance covers. If you have any doubts, it may be time to evaluate the coverage on your home!

It could be time to check up on your insurance and see if you are missing coverage updates, cost savings, discounts, simply overpaying.

Chances are you have made some big life changes in the past few years, and you need to be confident that your insurance company will be there for you and your family to protect what matters most. Fortunately, there are things you can do to ensure that your homeowner’s policy covers you should your home be damaged or destroyed by a disaster.

With the right company, you can find the best coverage at the right price

You might have homeowner’s insurance coverage, but is it enough? You may be paying for too much coverage or not getting all the discounts you could be entitled to.

Homeowners insurance is an important part of your overall financial security, as it protects your home and what is inside from problems like fires, floods, tornadoes, and other disasters that can damage your home — and potentially your life savings.

Here are some signs it could be time to look at a new company and how we can help.

Inadequate Coverage

Most people buy a policy with limits that are too low to cover all their expenses in case of a disaster. For example, if a fire destroyed your house and its contents, your policy might only pay enough to cover half of what it would cost to rebuild or replace everything that was lost in the fire. Let Hello Covered triple-check your coverage and recommend a proper amount of coverage, making sure you are covered for ALL the damage.

Increasing Premiums

If you are paying more than $300 per month for homeowners’ insurance, consider shopping around for better rates. New claims, risk, credit score, and natural disasters could all be affecting your increased premium. If you experience an increased rate shopping for new insurance could help you save. If you are experiencing increased premiums let Hello Covered look and see what the cause could be, and if we can help you save.

Lack of Discounts

Why not save some money? You could be overpaying for insurance that does not offer the right coverage. Other insurance companies could offer major discounts. At Hello Covered we compare rates at over 70 nationwide carriers to make sure you get the lowest price and the best discount.

Life Changes

Life can move too fast, and it is hard to keep up! Having an insurance team that is on your side to help with big life changes and make sure your coverage changes with you. Our agents are available on call to always help you when you need it. Sometimes a friendly voice on the other end of the phone is all you need to feel like everything will work out, let us be that for you!

You’re Not Currently Bundling Home and Auto

Bundling your home and auto could save you and your family money. If you are not currently bundling your home and auto, we can help you see what you could be saving! To make things easier, we offer a no-obligation check-up to see if you could be saving money compared to your current carrier.

A free check-up now could save you thousands. Get started today!

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