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Insurance & Home Warranty as quick as you can say, “HELLO”

What our partnership with Highlands means for you

As Highlands’ exclusive insurance and home warranty partner, the Hello Covered team is able to provide personalized coverage options that are exactly what you need. In fact, our team is already working behind the scenes to ensure that we can do the following:

  • Make the process simple, convenient, and easy — minimizing time and hassle
  • Recommend the right type and level of property coverage, from the leading insurance carriers and at competitive rates
  • Automatically integrate your insurance selections with Highlands for an end-to-end view of your monthly mortgage, taxes, and insurance payments so there are no surprises
  • Explore mortgage protection insurance options that protect your family from financial disaster due to illness, disability, or even death
  • Customizable home warranty packages to fit your home and lifestyle including features like day-zero coverage and unlimited HVAC coverage

A trusted provider of insurance & home warranty plans

We’re all about helping you get coverage for the things that matter most so when a hiccup or disaster occurs, you can rest easy knowing that you were covered as soon as you said “hello.” And, just like the team at Highlands, we aim to provide the highest level of service so you can close quickly with no surprises.

How our insurance works

We’re already searching for your perfect coverage

A Hello Covered team member will reach out to walk you through the types of insurance that suit your lifestyle and recommend the perfect carrier at the perfect price.

Discuss coverage that goes further
Discuss coverage that goes further

Don’t forget to discuss options that go beyond home coverage on your call. Whether you’re interested in exploring life insurance, pet insurance, or more, we’ll find the right plan for you.

Set it & forget it
Set it & forget it

Purchase your insurance plan and relax, knowing that you have a plan personalized for you.

Only call us when you need

When something happens and you need that support, call your provider 24/7!

How our home warranties work

Review your options with our team

A Hello Covered team member will reach out with your base comprehensive home warranty plan.

Discuss coverage that goes further
Bundle it up

Add on additional coverage that maximizes your protection on things like your pool, washer and dryer, or even your ice-maker. Safeguarding your lifestyle.

Select your payment frequency

No long-term contract needed! Pay monthly, quarterly, or annually for coverage.

Set it & forget it
Set it & forget it

Pay for your custom plan and relax. Never worry about what’s covered again.

Only call us when you need

If an incident occurs or your home warranty-covered item needs help, just call. You’ll have your claim filed and help on the way before you know it!

See Terms and Conditions for details on coverage and exclusions.

Plans for real people, with real lives

Every homeowner is unique! We know that unique homes, offer unique challenges. No matter where you call home, Hello Covered has it all protected.

See Terms and Conditions for details on home warranty coverage and exclusions.

The Adventurer
The Adventurer The Adventurer

Whether you’re home or away, you want to know you’re covered. With a Hello Covered home warranty, we’ll be there when your garage needs a tune-up from your mountain bike escapades, or if your ice maker crashes from tending to your post-ride bruises, it can be covered when you personalize your plan.

See Terms and Conditions for details on home warranty coverage and exclusions.

The Entertainer
The Entertainer The Entertainer

Your home brings you pride and joy, and you want everyone to experience that feeling. If you’re used to hosting Sunday night football games at your place or revel in planning a dinner party, we have plans that will cover what matters most to you; from your brand new gas range to your welcoming front door.

See Terms and Conditions for details on home warranty coverage and exclusions.

The Green Thumb
The Green Thumb The Green Thumb

You love the smell of clean air and soil, and bringing the outdoors in brings a smile to your face. You have fine-tuned your home to make it a houseplant’s dream and with our bundles, you found a plan that protects your home down to the ductwork, humidifier, and plumbing so that you can spend time nurturing your prized plants.

See Terms and Conditions for details on home warranty coverage and exclusions.

You’ll be hearing from us soon

Our team is already working hard to find the right coverage options for you. Look for a call from one of our team members to review a set of convenient, fast, and cost-saving insurance and home warranty options put together just for you.

Or, if you’re excited and ready to protect your new home and lifestyle, give our team a call today. We’re excited to help you find the perfect coverage!

Call us today at (469) 223-1175!

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