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By partnering with ZYYAH and Hello Covered, you’ll receive referral leads and improve operational efficiency – while maintaining the carriers and products you’re accustomed to, even in a volatile market. And you’ll be part of the fastest-growing insureTech platform. Maximize your earnings and get back what you put into your business – risk-free – by partnering with us.

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Why Agencies Have Partnered With Us

Joining forces with Hello Covered means your business will enjoy a range of benefits that go beyond what’s offered by industry standards

You’ll have the freedom to run your business as you see fit, while also benefiting from our industry-leading tools that streamline operations. We provide access to leads generated by ZYYAH and our brand portfolio partners, helping you grow your business quickly and efficiently. You’ll enjoy lower operational risk with access to proven insurance business owners, and you’ll be able to easily tap into our national carriers, tools, and network. With all these advantages, businesses that roll-up with us can achieve higher selling multiples and reach new levels of success. Show your clients you truly care by providing top-tier coverage options during the buying process.

What is ZYYAH? And how does it provide value?

Our parent company, ZYYAH, is at the forefront of simplified home management, creating revenue opportunities through a user-powered community. As an innovative insureTech and prop-tech company, we are revolutionizing the real estate industry by simplifying the processes of owning, maintaining, buying, and insuring your home, all in one convenient location.

We strive to enhance the experience of owning or renting a property by providing trustworthy services when and where they are needed most. By leveraging our expertise and user-friendly platform, we empower homeowners and renters alike to take control of their living space and enjoy peace of mind knowing their property is well-managed and protected.

As part of this platform our mission is to provide our growing network of users with easy access and trusted support for all home, auto, and life insurance needs through the application.

What We Deliver

Looking for an exit strategy that offers you all the benefits of aggregation with none of the downsides? Our program allows you to continue doing business as usual while enjoying additional commissions and higher compensation opportunities. We offer cutting-edge technology to streamline your processes and the potential for lead sharing to help grow your business. With us, you have the opportunity for a much larger upside without sacrificing your current business practice..

Inspiring New Technologies

Be part of the new wave of homeownership technologies

Access to National Carriers

Best-in-class carriers available to you – Progressive, Travelers, Lemonade, Hippo and more

Complete Freedom

Run the business the way you want while using 
industry-leading tools to streamline operations

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

After looking into selling my agency with other big-name brokers that are always active in the M&A space, the ZYYAH / Hello Covered strategy is just too much of an opportunity to pass up! This is a way to maximize the value of my agency far beyond what any of the larger insurance groups can offer. The tech multiple that ZYYAH can demand will create priceless generational wealth for my family. If you’re looking for an exit plan within the next 5 years, I truly believe that this option should be at the top of your list!” 

Cameron Brown from Insurance Brokers of Arizona and Modern Insurance Brokers of Arizona & Modern corp
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